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طلسم ھوش ربا ا طلسم ھوشربا ا طلسم ہوش ربا ا طلسم ہوشربا

  1. I just order a copy of Hoshruba – The land and the tilism. Can’t wait till I read it to my kids.

  2. I grew up reading abridged version of the series, i remember even the abridged version had ten volumes. i think this is great, you guys are doing a great service to urdu literature.

  3. I strengthened my Urdu (and learned bits of Persian) reading the book during my school days, so naturally I was interested to see the Ad of a translation in Dawn. I thought this was one book that couldn’t be translated but, from the excerpt I read, I can say the translator has done a surprisingly good job.

    Thanks are due to the presenters and I hope readers will enjoy the translation well enough to try and read the original.

  4. I read this great Tilsami Dastan long time back and still – even after a lapse of almost four decades -not only the characters of this series remain unforgettable to me but in fact I feel a deep romance and fascination all around myself whenever I imagine about the epics like Dastan-e-Amir Hamza and Tilsam-e-Hosh-Ruba.

    I had been eagerly waiting for this translation since long and I am sure that people should find this epic not less dramatic, engrossing and interesting than the series of Harry Potter.

    Thank you and Congratulations for translating and presenting this remarkable piece of Urdu Literature.

  5. I am just elated to read that someone has made the effort to make this , my most treasured book, available for easy purchase over the internet. I wish you all the success in this endeavor.

  6. Eureka!!!
    At last I found it. I read the book when I was a kid. It was the children’s edition. Now I was looking for the original edition, but could not find it.

    If someone can tell me how can I get the original Urdu edition I would greatly appreciate. I live in USA. Just leave a message as comment here for me.

    This is great. A more powerful fantasy than Lord of the Rings.

  7. Please read the FAQ at the following link for information about the Urdu edition:

  8. As I child I read the abridged version of Dastaan e Amir Hamza and Tilism e Hoshruba. I marvelled at its wonderful imagery and brilliant storytelling.

    Later in life, when I came across Tolkien I could not bring myself to read more than a few pages so bland and ordinary did his work seem in comparison.

    I think this is great. Even though the original is a masterpiece to be enjoyed in Urdu, this english version will introduce the magical world of Amir Hamza, Amr Ayyar, Sar Sar Ayyara, Aadi Pehlawan, Lindhoor, Mehtar Qairan, Afrasiyab, Kawkab, et al to the younger generation of Pakistanis who seem to have forgotten Urdu and speak, exclusively, an imperfect English.

  9. PS Message for Amir: You can find the original (it has several volumes)in Saeed Book Depot (Markaz F-7) in Islamabad. However, the quality of printing is not at all good and you have to have an exceptional Urdu vocabulary to read it without having to keep referring to a dictionary.

  10. Thanks Haroon. I will have someone purchase the Urdu edition from Islamabad. I already have ordered Adventures of Amir Hamza from and the first volume of Hoshruba from Can’t wait.

  11. Greatest of the Greatest Storytelling Masterpieces ever written. Great to have it in English as i can now read it out to my kidz. Nothing can take away the greatness of the original.
    Live long the Dastan and the Language(Urdu)

  12. Почему Вы так думаете? У меня своё мнение на этот счёт. Но тем не менее материал интесный и прост для восприятия

  13. Great work, it should be appreciated more.

  14. I m gonna order it!

  15. Do the Saeed Book Bank in Islamabad has the original copy of this wonderful fantasy?

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